Angel Lebak
Angel Lebak, Owner, Virtual Assistant Training Network

I am convinced, in today’s economy, that a qualified Virtual Assistant can literally TRANSFORM a small and micro business with support, skill, and expertise.

I can help you find that Virtual Assistant that would help your business!

I have a passion to make it EASY for business owners to find the right talented virtual assistants and subcontractor.

I am a digital and social media manager for clients virtually, AND I have a team of virtual assistants as well. As a business owner, I am able to hire virtual assistants to handle specific tasks which ultimately saves my business time and money.

I understand both sides of utilizing and empowering a virtual team that is a win/win for the business and the virtual assistant or subcontractor.

I have created the VATN Directory to successfully bridge this gap between business owners who need support and the virtual assistants who can help them.