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Karen Kilbourn
Karen Kilbourn
SuperK Virtual Assistance

I have over 5 years of experience as a virtual assistant in social media and administration. My goal is to help small and micro businesses find success in their social media and engagement while also assisting in tedious or overwhelming tasks to help free up time for the business owner. I value an entrepreneur’s time and do my best to trouble shoot in order to keep the focus on a positive client and customer experience.


Who is SuperK?

I have always described myself as an over-educated stay at home Mom, changing the world one kid at a time.  While this statement is still true, I have had to change it a little.  Being a virtual assistant has allowed me to continue my ever important roles of homework helper, boo boo diagnostic specialist and crock pot expert.  So, I’ve graduated from a stay at home Mom to a work from home Mom.  I really do get the best of both worlds!!

I, Karen Kilbourn, am SuperK. My nickname has always been ‘Superkae’ because I have this crazy ability to juggle 2o different things at once. I enjoy the process of seeing things through to completion and if I can be a part of improving something; making it better, that’s even more awesome! I have been married 18 years and have a 12 year old budding artist, 7 year old yellow belt ninja, almost two year old diva and a resuce cat named Guster who is the best cat ever. We live in Michigan close to family and enjoy indoctrinating our kids in the ways of Star Wars and the ‘good’ comic books. My family is my ‘why’ and the reason I covet working from home. I wouldn’t trade these days!

I have a way of looking at things through a different lens.  I have a BA in Psychology from Southeastern University and an MS in Family Psychology from Capella University.  Being ‘psychology minded’ gives me a pretty unique point of view. Having the ability to take a step back and see the whole picture as a provider and a consumer gives me an edge in my virtual assistance work.  In the last 15 years of my adult life, I’ve worked in many different areas of business from nonprofit offices to twisting balloon animals in Downtown Disney. My experience in nonprofit, retail, ministry, management, counseling, production, creation and administration has prepared me for just about anything one may face in business.

After reading this bio, you may be thinking, ‘gee Karen, you’re pretty cool, but are you right for me?’ The answer would be, YES!  While my personality may be a little laid back, my work ethic and focus is certainly clear.  Support is where my heart is, and the core of my VA business. If you need an extra hand to support some of the heavy lifting on the back end of your business, you should choose someone who you can trust to get the job done, and maybe even make you smile through the process!


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Karen Kilbourn

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